• Youth Services

    Our programs for youth are funded primarily by the U.S. Department of Labor. Their purpose is to help young people build skills that lead to success as adults. With a focus on education, our hope is to provide resources and influence their decisions as they look forward to establishing careers and families. There are several programs, targeting age groups from 14 to 21, see eligibility criteria.


    All of our youth services emphasize dropout prevention and completion of high school or its equivalent, the appropriateness of positive behaviors, and preparation for the world of work. We support young clients by providing counseling, adult mentors, educational tutoring and financial assistance, youth group activities and work experiences. Often, program opportunities will include occupational skill training.


    Our Youth program target groups are defined by funding source and grant requirements. For example, Project S.A.V.E. (Seeing Alternatives and Valuing Education) services help children of migrant farm workers ages 12 to 17. We operate two programs funded by the Department of Labor that serve youth ages 14 to 21. Our Fatherhood project aims its focus on young men who have become fathers, but may as yet be unprepared to start families. Specific criteria may be viewed.